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ILVE is a company that belives in safety and quality: This belief has been demonstrated in all ILVE's products, made and admired for over 35 years. The wealth of experience gained during this period together with a specific know-how in gas and electric household cooking appliances has resulted in an advanced and safe technology mixed with a superior design and unique styling.
ILVE products range follows the latest design and compliments the latest trends in furnishing, thanks to which they are simple to be used and which will enhance any type of interior decoration.
All products are manufactured according to International Standards and their quality is continously controlled by world major Certification Institutes.
ILVE products are certified to CE and CSA standards allowing them free entry to all Member Countries within the European Union and other major world markets like USA. Presently ILVE distributes its products in more than 40 countries worldwide.
ILVE's mission is to offer the widest choice of cooking appliances to meet any special kitchen requirements through the leadership in design and technical innovation. ILVE leads in quality, safety, design and equipment range and has confidence to maintain this lead in the future.


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